Maui Anytime

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For me it is Maui anytime. Anywhere on the island at any time there is always something to do or see. The cloud formations are spectacular if you are in to weather. A short trip to the valleys will yield some interesting pictures as well. There is nothing like watching and finding pods of whales in the channel playing in the blue water. It is like they know they are being watched and just want to put on a show. Any place, any day, any time for me it is Maui. I’ve got it and I know it. You can get it too. #hawaiifever


Maui weather

Maui 2012 001

Maui is one of my favorite places in the world. I’m just having trouble determining what my favorite part of being there is. I like snorkeling in the clear blue water. There is nothing like an early morning or late evening walk along the beach with your honey. There is no limit to the beautiful foliage and flowers to be admired. Numerous varieties of fish, birds, whales, as well as turtles can be viewed. Perhaps one of the most interesting things to do is people watching. The thing that keeps me returning is the weather. I asked a worker one day on one of our trips a question about the work he was doing and he pointed to the sky and said “cause it is like this every day.”This picture of the sky with the rainbow makes me think about why I want to be there and what I might be doing while there. #hawaiifever I’ve got it and I know it.




Maui2012group2 084

One of the most fascinating and enjoyable things about Hawaii is the vegetation and flowers. They are everywhere. Outside the blue water and the activities that come with it, along with the sandy beaches, the laid back atmosphere, and the friendly people one of my favorite things to do in Maui is admire the beautiful flowers and vegetation. I am a novice gardener so I really do admire the colors of the different plants.

That being said it is only natural that I would suffer from what I can only describe as #hawaiifever.

I look forward to the day I can return.

Missing Maui



This week I have been noticing some Facebook posts from some friends who are in Hawaii this week. I must confess that before my first trip to Maui I honestly had no desire to go there. But it seems that only one trip was necessary to change my mind. I know that there are other tropical places in the world and maybe God will allow me to visit some of them also. Until then I will just be content to enjoy memories of Maui.

Today my friends posted about their day of snorkeling. That has come to be an enjoyable event for my wife and I as well. It is a very refreshing morning activity along with walking the beach and enjoying scenery of blue water, green grass, and sandy beaches. Thinking about it has stirred up a symptom I can only describe as #hawaiifever.

Can’t wait to return to Maui

Maui Beach

One of my favorite places in the world is Maui. On a recent trip celebrating our anniversary with my wife of 31 years we took some pictures of some places we had never visited before. We enjoy the blue water, sun, green grass, snorkeling, and the sandy beaches. We will return as often as possible for we know what our weakness is. #hawaiifever



Maui Flowers


A Flower I took a picture of on our recent trip to Maui. It only served to confirm my condition. #Hawaiifever

Evening on Maui

Evening on Maui

I can be described as a morning person. I really love to walk down the beach and take in the sand and surf and enjoy snorkeling before the crowds begin to assemble. However for picture taking the most enjoyable time for me is the evening. This picture was taken from the west bank of Maui on Kaanapali Beach. In the morning it is breathtaking blue water but in the evening it is the gorgeous sunset.

Just a few more days and maybe we can enjoy them in person again. I have it and I have it bad. #hawaiifever


Maui days

Maui Days

One of the things I like about Maui and Hawaii is the consistency of the weather. Even when it rains it is warm. Even in winter the days are near 12 hours. I am not a fan of short days, brown grass, bare trees or snow. I really enjoy the green grass, blue water, warm sandy beaches and who can not like the absolutely beatiful sunsets. The same time every day. (when the sun goes down)

I have it and I have it bad. It may be something everyone should experience. #hawaiifever


Maui Beauty

Maui beauty

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Maui truly is a beautiful place. One should consider the same about God’s blessing. To one this may look like a creek bed but to another it is the avenue of life giving water to the farmland below. Learn to recognize God’s blessing and share it with others. Going through these pictures and remembering being blessed to experience the beaches, beautiful water of the ocean, and see the fish and wildlife while snorkeling reminds me I still have it. #hawaiifever


Maui Volcanic shore

Maui Volcanic Rocks

Among all the beaches to accommodate the surfers, snorkelers, and sun bathers you will find volcanic rock manifest in places to serve as reminder of the origin of the islands. It may be rough and different looking and even serve as difficult to walk through and enjoy but it is quite interesting. Make sure you take pictures. It will help to ease the pain of #hawaiifever.